Family Photography

Just Love Photoghraphing Favorites

The very best kind of friends make the very best kind of photos. I love every image, because I know these people and have such a great fondness for each of them. I see a lot more than just a portrait. I see my friend’s generous heart, and the way she loves me so very well all of the time. I see the mellow nature of a guy my husband loves to hang out with. I see the kindness of a big brother who cares for our littles . . . and is getting too big, too quickly. I see Mr. O-Town, and the party in his eyes. And, of course, I see Sophie’s affection for her family (most especially, her daddy).

These are my friends, and I just love ’em. I’m so glad I got the opportunity to capture these images! I hope they bless them as much as they bless me.

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