Family Photography

a fun and funny family. they make me smile.

Sunrise Family Photography Gig Harbor Sunrise Photography Gig Harbor Sunrise Photography

These sweet people are full of life and full of love.  They say hillarious things and laugh at each other with a fond, adoring, tenderheartedness that is uniquely “Mullen.” I’m so happy I was able to photograph them this Christmas season!

On a side note, one of those pretty girls happens to be extra-special to me. She was in my class when I taught elementary school in Tacoma years ago (more years than we really need to count). She was something special then, and held a special place in my heart during that time. She’s still amazing, and I’m so proud of the young lady she’s grown into. (enough of that. tears now.)

And, my very favorite part of the session? Hugs. From each of the kids as they departed. I’m hoping (and assuming) that means they felt blessed and joyful as we wrapped things up. That’s always my prayer.

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