Family Photography

Just Love Photoghraphing Favorites

The very best kind of friends make the very best kind of photos. I love every image, because I know these people and have such a great fondness for each of them. I see a lot more than just a portrait. I see my friend’s generous heart, and the way she loves me so very well all of the time. I see the mellow nature of a guy my husband loves to hang out with. I see the kindness of a big brother who cares for our littles . . . and is getting too big, too quickly. I see Mr. O-Town, and the party in his eyes. And, of course, I see Sophie’s affection for her family (most especially, her daddy).

These are my friends, and I just love ’em. I’m so glad I got the opportunity to capture these images! I hope they bless them as much as they bless me.

Family Photography

Two to Love

Yes, they are the cutest. I love repeat customers, and these are the super-adorable little girl kind. At my house full of boys, I don’t get much frill. These little dolls are as sweet as anything, and they certainly have personalities all their own. While one would have gladly posed for me all day long, the other was a bit more demure. Both were equally joyful!

One of my favorite images is when Mom sneaked in for a beautiful fall photo. These yellows, oranges, and reds will soon fall to the ground. I’m glad they were able to take advantage of this beautiful autumn day!

Family Photography


I am delighted to share Sunrise Photography with you via this site. I’ve been photographing forever; professionally for four years. Previously with BerryLane Photography, I’ve been trained and mentored by the best! Now on my own, I’m finding my love for photography anew . . . experiencing things from a different angle, and loving this journey. Thanks for visiting!

This beautiful family was delightful to spend some time with last weekend. Two sweet little girls who smile angelically with ease, and the loveliest Mommy and Daddy ever . . . couldn’t ask for more. I hope they enjoy their portraits as much as I enjoyed taking them! Fall is such a perfect time to schedule a family session.